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About Smart Candle

The elegant, romantic glow of candlelight in any room or venue without the wax, mess, fire hazard or recurring cost of candles? Now that's smart... must be a Smart Candle

At Smart Candle, we've taken the hassle out of creating an elegant ambience with candlelight. The beauty and romance of flickering candles - creating the exact mood you want - without the mess, fuss and danger of a lit flame.

Using the latest in LED technology to perfectly simulate the random flicker and ambience of candlelight, we not only invented the original electronic candle, we've mastered it.

With quality products and an ever evolving series of innovative designs, Smart Candles are the original and the best alternative to traditional candles.

And best of all, with Smart Candles, you also do away with the ongoing replacement cost of short-lived candles.

'Smart' from the start

Smart innovation. Smart products. Smart designs. At Smart Candle, smart is our company's motto; our word to live by.

From shipping and sales to customer service and manufacturing, we understand and acknowledge that everything we do needs to be "smart." It's a one-word philosophy that makes our company successful.

We believe making smart decisions every day in all aspects of our business will lead us to better products, better relationships with our customers, and a better sense of accomplishment when we walk out the door every night. By embracing this smart approach we have become today's leader in portable lighting and power for consumer and industrial applications.

Smart Technology

Smart Candle uses intelligent electronics and LED's to generate
a long-lasting, random, flickering light that perfectly simulates a wax candle flame.

Smart Safety

Candle-related fires caused by unattended open flames, hot wax, heat and flammable materials can result in catastrophic property damage, injuries and death. The flameless Smart Candle product completely eliminates accidents associated with candles. Smart Candle is safe for both indoor and outdoor use and may be used with materials such as paper, wood, plastic, dried flowers, and even fabric.

Smart Choice

With its long-lasting, wind-proof ambient light, Smart Candle can be used everywhere. Where are you going to use Smart Candle?

  • Indoor: bedroom, bathroom, dinner parties, dorm rooms
  • Outdoor: patio, decks, backyard, garden, luminaries,
    camping, boating
  • Commercial: restaurants, hotels, spas, churches, banquet halls, care facilities
  • Seasonal: holidays gatherings, decorations, window treatments
  • Safety: emergencies, power outages, doorways, walkways, nightlights