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Q. Do Smart Candles get hot if left on for a long period of time?
A. No. The candle is lit using LED technology, which is a non-heat generating form of light. It is impossible for Smart Candles to produce any heat whatsoever.

Q. How long do the LED candle bulbs last?
A. LED lights are designed to last well over 100,000 hours.

Q. How long does the Votive battery candle last?
A. 50 hours on 2 x Alkaline AAA batteries. 

Q. How long does the Tea light battery candle version last
A. 20 hours on 2xCR32 button batteries. 

Q. How long the charge last on the rechargeable candle version?
A. 15 hours from an 8 hour charge. 

Q. How many times can you recharge each Smart Candle?
A. Current testing and use has shown that you can recharge each rechargeable candle over 700 times before noticing any diminished performance in the flicker. That equates out to over 10,500 hours of candle light. 

Q. What is 10,500 lifespan hours in real terms?
A. If you were to use your Smart Candle for 6 hours per day, everyday, and recharge every second day, that equates to approximately 5 years of ambient candle light at a cost of approximately $4 per year. 

Q. Is it possible to preserve or prolong performance of Smart Candles?
A. Yes you can preserve the performance of the battery. Treat your candles as you would your mobile phone. That is, periodically allow your rechargeable candles to completely discharge and then recharge for 20 hours as initial charge. 

Q. Are the Smart Candles waterproof?
A. No. However, Smart Candle has, as part of its product range, silicone caps that can be placed on the base of the product, which offers a significant level of water resistance. 

Q. Will rechargeable Smart Candles fit into standard candle holders?
A. Generally yes, but unless candleholders are purchased from Smart Candle, we can not guarantee this. It is best to purchase your holders from us to avoid disappointment.